About Us


Eastern Carolina IT Consultants is becoming a premier partner of IT services for organizations around the greater Raleigh area. We take an approach to design expanding systems specifically for our clients’ needs and speak in terminology that’s easy for business owners and management to understand. We don’t use “geek speak” or technical jargon. Our approach is to become a true partner with our clients by implementing sound technology principles and working toward a common goal of aligning technology with business objectives, while considering financial responsibilities. We aren’t just another IT company, we are part of your team!


Our mission is to help business owners make strategic, long-term IT decisions to align technology with business objectives and improve operational efficiency.


Our vision is to help empower businesses by leveraging technology to work more efficiently.


Eastern Carolina IT Consultants is unique because we approach IT from a business perspective, instead of solely technology. We have a comprehensive understanding of building successful IT infrastructure and we use our diverse industry expertise to help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve their business goals.

  • We’re not just IT consultants, we’re partners
  • We’re used to a variety of industries
  • Responsive Support. When you need us, we’re there.
  • We have over 40 years of combined experience, and an established track record.
  • We approach IT from your side
  • We speak your language. No “geek speak”